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Founded in 2018

by Vanessa Lawson

Porte Model and Talent Management Agency was named after the Porte family. The Portes were former slaves that migrated their way from sugar plantations in Barbados to freedom in Liberia through the American Colonization Society in 1865 on a ship called the “Cora”.  While in Liberia the Porte family was able to make a name for themselves. Most notably, Albert Porte, who was the editor of a newspaper called the Crozerville Observer and became the first political journalist to be thrown in jail for speaking up against the injustices that occurred in Liberia. The Porte family has a history of standing up against injustice, giving a voice to the voiceless, and pulling in those that society has tried to push out. 


Roughly 150 years later I decided to pick up the baton that my ancestors left behind to continue the fight of representing those who society has counted out. I founded Porte Agency in December of 2018. I started this agency after witnessing the struggles some of my models I used for my clothing brand were facing. After taking a look around I realized that not much has changed in the modeling industry in regards to diversity and inclusion. 

The lack of representation for models who didn’t fit within the social construct of the industry compelled me to embark on the journey to aid in helping others chase their dreams. My goal was simple — to challenge the status quo in the modeling industry by curating a diverse model and talent roster that could serve as an example of why representation matters. Embracing all backgrounds, creeds, beliefs and people, Porte’s mission is to redefine the standard of beauty. PMTMA not only manages talent but also aims to educate aspiring talent and models, while developing their skills beyond what they thought possible.

Porte Agency also has an in-house production team that develops creative content for advertising and marketing purposes for local businesses. Like the people we represent, Porte is dedicated, eager and inspired to go further everyday.

Join the Team

We are always looking to add more talented artists onto our team. Please either email us a link to your online portfolio or submit the form below!

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