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Open Calls:

PMTMA holds open calls in Minnesota three times a year during the fall, spring, and summer months. At the moment, we do not hold open calls at any specific location, and we kindly ask you to submit your application via this form when an open call is not available.

PMTMA's Tips to Getting Scouted:

PMTMA model scouts are always looking for something new and unique. We seek out the unconventional beauties and rare gems. We want to see you at your most natural self. Your best self.

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Photo Submissions

PMTMA's Tips for Photos:

  • Have a clean face with absolutely no makeup.

  • Pull your hair back.

  • Wear a form-fitting outfit like skinny jeans and a tank top.


Recruitment Warning:

Please be aware that if you do not get an email from any contact reference you see on our website it is not from any representatives of PMTMA.

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